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Alicia Vikander will play Lara Croft again in a new Tomb Raider movie


I’ve been a fan of the Tomb Raider games, but last year’s movie starring Alicia Vikander, didn’t quite work for me. It started well, but just ended up feeling like a series of set pieces thrown together. However, Vikander was great as the younger Lara Croft just starting out on her adventures.

The film did make $274 million worldwide so GK Films is going ahead with a sequel.

According to THR, Amy Jump will be writing the screenplay for the new film. Jump has worked with Ben Wheatley quite a bit and wrote the screenplays for Free Fire, High-Rise, Kill List and Sightseers.

There is currently no word on what the plot will be for the new film, but I imagine there will be some raiding of tombs and high adventure.

What would you like to see in the sequel?

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  1. Really! ….a sequel! The first one was appalling!

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