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Check out some animated romances to celebrate the release of How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


It has been 10 years since we caught our first glimpse of Toothless and Hiccup’s blossoming friendship in How To Train Your Dragon. In that time their friendship has been forged into an unbreakable bond and we have had the pleasure of witnessing each and every trial and tribulation along the way. The latest challenge for the new chief of Berk arrives in the form of an elusive Light Fury that engages the affections of Toothless while the pair go in search of The Hidden World.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is in cinemas now!  You can read our review here. Catch Toothless and Light Fury in cinemas this weekend and brush up on other classic animated romances below.

Toothless and Light Fury – How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Toothless is cluelessly in love from the moment he first sets sight on this glorious exotic creature that is familiar and yet altogether foreign at the same time. His efforts to capture her heart are amusing at first but their inherent love shines through and adds another layer to the beautiful trilogy we didn’t think was possible. Toothless needn’t worry about perfecting his dance moves for he has found the one.

Shrek and Princess Fiona ­– Shrek

To judge a book by its cover is to ignore the inherent beauty within. A beautiful romance begins to bloom between two unlikely characters in a fairy tale land when this unjust prejudice eventually subsides. Shrek, “a big stupid ugly ogre” is set in his ways but a selfish rescue mission for the evil Lord Farquaad opens his eyes to the world beyond his precious Swamp. Princess Fiona has more in common with Shrek than he can possibly imagine. They are perfect for each other and their love forms the basis of the incredibly successful franchise.

Gru and Lucy – Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me laid the groundwork for Gru’s romance when he stumbled into the role of a father figure to Margo, Edith and Agnes despite his nefarious intentions. The three fierce mischief makers needed something more substantial than the loveable minions to satiate their longing for a ‘normal’ family though. As fate would have it Gru finds his perfect match in Despicable Me 2 but must part ways with his super-villainy in order to win her over; a difficult feat for a man that loves his mischievous ways. An unlikely romance that sneaks up on Gru and steals the show resulting in a welcome payoff with the adorable Agnes centre stage.

Lady and Tramp – Lady and the Tramp

Sweet longing eyes meet over a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. It’s an iconic Disney moment that never fails to cause a stir in the viewer. A rough-and-tumble stray named Tramp has enough charm and whimsy to gain the affections of a sweet Cocker Spaniel named Lady in this 1955 animation with a heartfelt romance that has stood the test of time. Toothless and Light Fury’s clumsy meet-cute may very well be 21st century spaghetti and meatball moment.

Mr and Mrs Potato Head – Toy Story

Andy once said, Mr and Mrs Potato Head are “madly in love.” Throughout the Toy Story trilogy nothing could be clearer than the love of Mr and Mrs Potato Head. They support each other through thick and thin and appear lost when they are apart. #RelationshipGoals in a potato skin, packed to the brim with angry eyes, a rubber ducky, golf ball, plastic steak and an extra pair of shoes. The King and Queen of the Dragon Kingdom can learn a lot from these two loveable spuds.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World roars into cinemas today and is not to be missed this weekend.

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