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Danny Glover Added to Cast for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Sequel


Source: Jumanji via Facebook.

The sequel to 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is gaining further momentum with the addition of Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover. The veteran actor’s role is currently undefined, but Glover joins a cast that is expanding in both numbers and star power. With Awkwafina and Danny DeVito already added to a cast in which Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black are reprising their roles, the sequel slated for a December 13th release will lay claim to being one of the 2019’s biggest blockbusters.

When Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hit cinema screens in 2017, audiences would have been forgiven for approaching the film with no small amount of scepticism. The growing trend of rebooting and remaking has caused disillusionment from those craving original stories, with Disney focusing on re-imagining beloved tales and superheroes frequently re-emerging in new incarnations. Yet the very existence of this sequel demonstrates how Welcome to the Jungle largely surprised audiences with its fresh and irreverent take on the original film.

That 1995 film is something of a cult classic, with the incomparable Robin Williams a significant part of this. This made the sequel/reboot of the original film a risky endeavour, but fans largely appreciated an extension to the Jumanji canon. Whether Welcome to the Jungle can surpass Jumanji as the touchstone for the series remains to be seen.

The influence of the original film has been keenly felt across different forms of media. The 1995 film quickly spawned a television series that ran for three seasons between 1996 and 1999. The animated show boasted big names in its voice cast, such as Bill Fagerbakke and Tim Curry, and very much carried on in the same vein as the Williams film. Unsurprisingly for a movie with gaming at its core, Jumanji has also provided thematic guidance to the world of gaming.

With the onset of video slots, there are now many movie related slotmachines that take inspiration from people’s favourite films. While they retain the main concept of a traditional slot machine, the presentation and sounds, as well as bonus rounds, can transport players to a different universe. That sounds familiar to the concept of Jumanji, which makes the 1995 film the ideal influence for an official slot game, which in fact is available on online casino redbet. Inspiring the creation of a slot game is an indication that a film is hugely popular, so Welcome to the Jungle has ground to make up in that regard.

Welcome to the Jungle did inspire the creation of a mobile game, appropriately called Jumanji: The Mobile Game, that took players through a Monopoly-style adventure with its turn-taking gameplay placing an emphasis on careful strategy. With the arrival of more huge names to the cast of the upcoming Jumanji instalment, expect more crossovers into other media as Sony Pictures seek to capitalise on what has become an unlikely but potentially profitable franchise.

Glover is not renowned for appearances in huge blockbusters in recent years, so his arrival suggests that the script and vision for the film are suitably compelling. The notion of a character possibly turning into Danny Glover via the power of Jumanji is certainly an interesting concept, one that will have fans keenly anticipating the film that is currently expected to be released in December.

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