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Destination: Dewsbury – Watch the trailer for new British comedy


Back in the 80s, five inseparable friends cause ruckus in their schooldays. Twenty years on and they’ve got jobs they don’t want, and wives who don’t want them. The leader of the gang, Frankie, is now dying in Yorkshire. The others find out and get together for one last sad, mad, bad road trip to Dewsbury, before it’s all too late. Rude but loveable British comedy at its finest.

Destination: Dewsbury is a new British comedy made on a small budget, with an average crew age of 21. With a touch of staple English sitcoms, iconic film comedies and a wild imagination, the film is a blend of exciting talent and tone. Director and co-writer Jack Spring sees the film as a “middle-aged version of The Inbetweeners. It’s got real heart and strikes a comedic and emotional chord with a huge spectrum of people; it’s a proper laugh-out-loud comedy that touches the heart.”

In the modern age of superhero blockbusters, reboots/remakes and endless sequels, DESTINATION: DEWSBURY is a fresh, bold comedy that harks back to the timelessness of a good laugh at the cinema!

With a relatable ensemble and a wild adventure that they embark on, you’ll be hard-pressed to forget the journey – which is packed full of laughs but also tugs at the heartstrings at points. The film will have two premieres to mark its theatrical road trip – the first on Saturday 23rd February in its hometown of Dewsbury (Showcase Cinema Batley), and its UK capital touchdown on the 24th February in London (Prince Charles Cinema). Attending the events will be the film’s main cast, director Jack Spring, and special guests.

A “classic British road trip movie” with “cringe-a-minute laughs”, the film will be out in select cinemas across the UK on March 1st 2019.

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