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Vince Gilligan is working on a Breaking Bad movie


Breaking Bad finished its incredible run back in 2013. Since then we have had Better Call Saul to keep us company.

Variety is now reporting that series creator Vince Gilligan is working on a new film that is tied to the original show. They say it will be a two-hour film, but it is not clear whether it will end up in cinemas or just on TV.

The Albuquerque Journal had more information on the film, which is currently being called Greenbrier and “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

That brief logline makes me think it could possibly carry on the story of Jesse Pinkman, the character played by Aaron Paul.

“We are happy to welcome ‘Greenbrier’ and Sony Studios to New Mexico,” said New Mexico State Film Office Director Nick Maniatis. “For years, we’ve built up the film industry in New Mexico and strengthened our film incentives; now, we’re seeing success after success for the film industry in our state.”

There is no word on when the film will be set in the Breaking Bad timeline and which characters will be involved.

Production is due to begin later this month.

Which Breaking Bd characters would you like to see in the movie?

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