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Watch Steven Ogg in the US trailer for Solis


Steven Ogg has entertained many of us with his portrayal of Trevor Philips in GTA 5 and Simon in The Walking Dead amongst other roles. His latest film role takes him into space in Solis.

Astronaut Troy Holloway (Steven Ogg, from The Walking Dead) wakes after a space accident to find himself trapped in an escape pod drifting towards the sun, with his oxygen running out and a burn-up rate of 90 minutes. The only possibility of help lies with Commander Roberts (Alice Lowe), speaking to him through a weak radio transmission, who says she will lead a rescue party. As things get worse, Troy wonders if he wants to be saved, and the pair start to influence each other in unexpected ways.

This looks like it will be a tense slice of sci-fi and the effects are looking pretty damn good.

The film also stars Alice Lowe (Prevenge, Sightseers) who is another fine addition to the cast.

Solis is writer and director Carl Strathie’s debut feature film, and also showcases the work of Production Designer Tony Noble, who was the Production Designer on Duncan Jones’ MOON. It also features work from Visual Effects House Artem.

The film had its World Premiere at this years Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Solis hits US cinemas and On Demand on October 26th.

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