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Loki, Scarlet Witch and more may be getting their own TV shows


You can’t keep a good Trickster God down! Tom Hiddleston may be back in the role of Loki for TV show on Disney’s new streaming service. The same goes for Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and possibly a few other characters who have not had their own movie.

Variety had the news and, while Marvel and Disney have yet to officially comment, the budgets are expected to be rather large. Each series is expected to include six to eight episodes. Marvel Studios will produce the shows and Kevin Feige is expected to take a hands-on role in their development.

I am always up for more Marvel stuff and if they can tie in the TV shows more with the movies I would be very happy. Of course, it is yet another streaming service fighting for everyone’s limited cash. If they can bring the actors from the movies to play the characters on the small screen then I imagine many people would be up for that.

Loki would be a good choice as it could be set anytime during his very long lifespan. The fact he can be both hero and villain would also make for good stories. Hiddleston has worked on TV, I think The Night Manager was the last show he did, so he is no stranger to that.

Scarlet Witch could work as it would help flesh out the character a little more. It would be great if Paul Bettany’s Vision was also somehow involved.

Sources say Agents of SHIELD and the Marvel Netflix shows will stay under Marvel TV banner with these limited series set under Marvel Studios. It would be great if they could eventually crossover and we get Daredevil meeting up with some of the other movie heroes.

This is all still early days and with Disney also pouring $100 million into the Star Wars TV series it remains to be seen what will actually stick. However, I am excited by the possibilities.

Once again it shows that DC and Warner Bros. are playing catch up and missed a trick. They had a good base with turning their characters into TV shows and could have gone a truly different route from Marvel, by pumping money into them, really build on the characters and then have that lead into various movies. You would have an audience that would keep building for the shows and the films. Instead, they kept the TV and films totally separate, which just dilutes the characters and could leave some feeling a little confused, and they just keep on doing it with Joaquin Phoenix as another version of the Joker!

Now, if Marvel does go ahead with these limited series, they will have people who enjoy the Marvel movies already invested in these characters.

If these limited series do go ahead, which other Marvel Movie characters would you like to see star in their own show?

Undertaker 8 put together this short teaser for a Loki and Scarlet Witch team-up.

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