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Check out some new posters for The Great Buddha Arrival


The Great Buddha Arrival is a 2018 Japanese Kaiju film directed by Hiroto Yokokawa and starring Yoshihiko Ohtsuki, Junichiro Nirasawa and Kazuma Yoneyama. It is a remake of the 1934 Japanese film Daibutsu Kaikoku by Yoshiro Edamasa.

“Daibutsu Kaikoku” is the movie about a big Buddha statue. “Daibutsu” means a big Buddha statue, “Kaikoku” means walking around a country. One day it begins to walk and visit around Japan. The film was made in 1934 by Yoshiro Edamasa who is known as a master of Eiji Tsuburaya. Eiji Tsuburaya is one of the most famous directors of special effect films like Godzilla or Ultraman.

The original film was lost during World War II so the grandson of Yoshiro Edamasa and a few others have got together to get this new film made. A Buddha statue has been designed by the creator Keisuke Yoneyama.

Yoshiki Takahashi put together these two new posters.

There is also an IndieGoGo campaign to secure the final few Kaiju cinema celebrity cameos.

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