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Joaquin Phoenix has signed up for that Joker origin movie


DC and Warner Bros are still forging ahead with their comic book movies. They continually seem to be rushing things through to see what sticks.

While I am still not sure about The Joker origin movie that has been rumoured for a while, it has intrigued me. That was mainly due to the fact Joaquin Phoenix had been in talks to play the main character.

I had thought it was never going to happen, but THR is reporting that Phoenix has now signed up to star.

Todd Phillips (War Dogs, The Hangover) is directing the film, which is said to be an “exploration of a man disregarded by society [that] is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.” Scott Silver co-wrote the script.

To be honest, that doesn’t really sound like The Joker and I wonder whether an older, unrelated script has been the basis for this.

Then, of course, do we really need a Joker origin film? Part of the characters longevity is the fact he is just The Joker with no definitive origin.

The project’s budget is in the $55 million range, significantly lower than the tentpoles that dominate the form. And the stand-alone is meant to be darker and more experimental in tone and content (at least as experimental as a studio can be with established brands such as DC), which is described as being akin to a crime drama. Previous talk has also said it will be unrelated to the other DC movies. Can you have a Joker film without the Batman?

Actually this would be a good way for them to introduce a younger actor as Batman, but knowing DC and Warner Bros. I feel that they will once again mess things up.

If they continue with these unrelated standalone films can they please start calling them Elseworlds? That would be awesome.

What is refreshing is that the film does not yet have a release date. That means they can take their time and not rush things to meet a specified date.

To further complicate matters, there is also talk of a Jared Leto Joker movie, but that is also in the very early stages of development.

I want to get excited about the DC movies as they feature some of my favourite comic book characters, but I keep getting let down. Fingers crossed things start picking up and we get more consistency with the quality of the films.

How do you feel about a Joker origin movie?

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