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In-rang: The Wolf Brigade – Kim Jee-woon’s futuristic action thriller gets a full trailer


Kim Jee-woon is the Korean director behind the likes of I Saw The Devil, The Good the Bad the Weird,and The Last Stand. This new film is called Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (aka In-rang).

The film is based on Mamoru Oshii’s Kerberos saga manga, Kerberos Panzer Cop, which has already had three film adaptations in the past – the 1999 Japanese animated thriller directed by Hiroyuki Okiura and the two live-action films – The Red Spectacles and StrayDog: Kerberos Panzer Cops released in 1987 and 1991.

The new film follows the story of the special police unit that has been created to contain the tumultuous activity between North and South Korea, after the countries agree to create a joint government.

Jon-Roh stars Jung Woo-sung, Han Hyo-Joo, Gang Dong-won, and Han Ye-ri.

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade will be released in South Korea in July.

I had already shared a teaser trailer, but you can watch the new international trailer below.

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