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Crowdfund This: In Search of the Last Action Heroes – A documentary about the rise, the fall and the modern resurgence of the action film


With over 900,000 YouTube channel visits a month, Oliver Harper has become one of the most influential voices behind the growing nostalgia for 80’s action films. Harper has produced hundreds of retrospectives, reviews and commentaries on the subject and is now developing his first feature-length documentary titled, In Search Of The Last Action Heroes about the rise, the fall and the modern resurgence of the action film.

In the 1980s there was a glut of high-octane action films coming out of Hollywood. The likes of Rambo, Aliens, Commando, Lethal Weapon and Predator captured imaginations and box office gold. The likes of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Sigourney Weaver and Mel Gibson became household names.

But after over a decade of success, the action genre started to fade away. Today, superhero and fantasy films have captured mainstream audience’s attention – replacing headbands, sunglasses and muscle shirts with colourful costumes and origin stories.

A generation of 80s kids has grown up and are nostalgic for the films of their youth. The entertainment industry has taken note; producing new Aliens and Predator films, a TV series sequel to The Karate Kid, Ready Player One’s homages to the 80s and the likes of Stranger Things, which while not an action series, still leverage’s nostalgia to incredible success.

Oliver Harper has spent seven years creating content around action films. His YouTube videos have struck a chord amongst his fellow 80s fans, as well as a new generation of kids curious about the heyday of action cinema.

With over 900,000 visits a month, Oliver has a committed fanbase who encourage him to keep digging deeper into their favourite topic. Oliver has mobilized his fans to partake in his biggest video project to date – a feature-length documentary titled, In Search of the Last Action Heroes.

To secure the necessary funding, Oliver has created a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. Launched on June 14, the Kickstarter campaign blasted its way to 50% of the funding goal (£15,000) in just three days.

Oliver enthused, “There are many reasons why I’m so excited about this project. On a personal level, it’s an opportunity to see if I can make the transition from YouTuber to filmmaker. I’ve produced hundreds of hours of content about the action genre, but ‘In Search Of The Last Action Heroes’ is not only going to dig deeper than I’ve ever gone before, we’re also going to speak to the people who were a part of the boom.”

In Search Of The Last Action Heroes will take a wide lens to the action landscape, detailing how the genre rose to prominence and why it couldn’t sustain that success. Oliver will explore the locations and give voice to the artists and stars of the time.

Oliver adds, “I see the film as being more than just a love-letter to fans of the genre. I am expecting to uncover story threads and details that will resonate with any viewer, whether you grew up with the films or are learning about them for the first time.”

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