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‘Game over, man. Game over!’ Check out the Aliens Vinyl Figures


Most of us love Aliens. It’s tense, scary and full of great characters and moments. So turning the characters and creatures into cute vinyl figures is the obvious way to go! However, the Vasquez figure is just so cool.

3.25″ collectible figurines with several points of articulation, plus accessories and collector’s cards.

Product Features:

  • 3.25 inches (8.25cm)
  • Made of vinyl
  • Based on the 1986 movie Aliens
  • Several points of articulation
  • Blind box packaging
  • 11 Possible figures
  • Figures include: Black Alien, Black Alien Variant with Matte finish, Blue Alien, Brown Alien, Bishop, Hudson, Newt, Ripley, and Vasquez.
    Last Box contains an open egg, closed egg, facehugger, and chestburster. Also a variant set featuring an egg with Matte Black finish.

You can pre-order them here.

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