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Screenwriter Zak Penn talks about his plans for The Matrix reboot thing


Zak Penn (X2: X-Men United, Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers) wrote the screenplay for Ready Player One so he knows about bringing virtual reality to the big screen. He is currently working on a new film for The Matrix that will be one of those sequel reboot kind of deals.

Penn recently spoke to ScreenRant about his plans for the new film.

I’ve been working on Matrix right now. Which is in…a phase right now. That’s a franchise I desperately want to see brought back and, I can’t go in to too much detail, but I’ve been harassing Warner Bros. for years to try to get it going again so that’s one thing I’m working on and I’ve been working on a bunch of other things too.

I think OASIS (the interconnected virtual space in Ready Player One) is similar, both the Matrix and OASIS are similar in that they are brilliant ideas for universes. And they are not, you know, when it came out about Matrix, people were like ‘Oh no, there going to reboot Matrix’ I was like, Why, I’m not insane. I mean, the Matrix is still one of my favorite…they’d re-release The Matrix and people would go see it.

I was at the premiere and I was still like, this was better than I ever expected. So I just think that universe is brilliant, I think OASIS is like the action-comedy version of that and it doesn’t always have to be the same characters, you could go in so many different directions so…

I loved the first film, but like many of you, was disappointed with the two sequels. Part of me wishes they would leave it alone, but I did like what they did with the Animatrix short films. There is lots of untapped potential in The Matrix universe. However, I just feel we could end up with some bland over the top sci-fi action.

Last year he also said we shouldn’t be calling it a reboot so sorry for the title of this post.

ll I can say at this point is no one could or should REBOOT the Matrix. People who know Animatrix and the comics understand. Can’t comment yet except to say that the words “reboot” and “remake” were from an article. Let’s stop responding to inaccurate news… How about just re-release the Matrix? Don’t reboot it, you can’t do better. Do I want to see more stories set in the universe of the matrix? Yes. Because it’s a brilliant idea that generates great stories. Look at what people are doing with Xmen universe. Between Logan and Legion and Deadpool, does anyone want them to stop? Not me.

Damn my curiosity for wanting to know what they will do next.

What would you like to see in a new Matrix movie?

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