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Gorram! Nathan Fillion is suiting up as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds…for American Housewife


I miss Firefly, you miss Firefly, we all miss Firefly!

While looking through Instagram I got a bit excited when I say that Nathan Fillion was teasing images of himself on the bridge of Serenity and with the costume of Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Was this a return of Firefly after all these years?

The pilot seat didn’t have a great big hole in the back of it so could it be set before the film?

Turns out it is for the sitcom American Housewife in which Nathan Fillion is appearing for a couple of episodes. He will be playing himself, yet it involves Firefly in some wat. This isn’t the first time Fillion as dressed up as Capt. Mal for another show as he did the same in an episode of Castle.

Still, even a tiny bit of Firefly is better than none.

Check out the images below.

Hmm. That’s… familiar. #americanhousewife

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Tight, but “like a glove” tight. Seems… right. #americanhousewife

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Oh, yeah. Things are really starting to fall into place. #americanhousewife

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A lot of this is aftermarket. #americanhousewife #firefly #mal

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