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Mackenzie Davis could be joining Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in Tim Miller’s Terminator movie


Tim Miller (Deadpool) is going to direct the new film. Arnold Schwarzenegger has already said he will return and it seems that Linda Hamilton will be back to play Sarah Connor as a more “seasoned warrior” kind of character.

James Cameron is producing and the good news is it will be following on from Terminator 2: Judgment Day and ignore the other films. Kind of like what they’re doing with the new Halloween movie.

That’s all we know regarding the plot.

Variety is reporting that Mackenzie Davis (Tully, Blade Runner 2049, Black Mirror) is in negotiations to be one of the new faces of rebooted franchise, in the vein of Schwarzenegger’s robotic assassin. Miller and Cameron are still looking for the protagonist who would take over for Hamilton’s character. Sources say Davis has been the studio and Miller’s top choice for a while, but the casting needed sign off from Cameron, who is currently filming the Avatar sequels.

“We are starting to shoot Terminator 6 in June to the middle of October, so I am in that,” Arnold Schwarzenegger recently told TheArnoldFans in a new interview. “I am looking forward to coming back as the T-800 model. It’s gonna be great with Tim Miller as the director and Jim Cameron is kind of supervising the whole thing.”

Could this be the film that gets the Terminator series back on track?

The film currently has a release date of 26th October 2019.

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