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Cool Art: Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Psycho and Rear Window


Mondo has released these beautiful new posters for some of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movies.

Adam Simpson has delivered likely our favorite entry of his yet with PSYCHO. Condensing the iconic film into a series of collected vignettes, Adam’s work here is elegant, streamlined and as unsettling as it is beautiful.

Joining Adam’s poster are a pair from artist Stephan Schmitz for REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO. We’ve been fans of Stephan’s work for a while and are super excited to finally have been able to collaborate on two great projects together. As soon as sketches came in for REAR WINDOW, it wasn’t long before we asked if he had interest in tackling VERTIGO alongside it. His illustration work is incredibly clean and smart and we can’t wait for the next one.

They will be available on the Mondo site at a random time today, 8th February 2018.

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