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Cool Art: Rey as a Sith – “The Dark Side Rises” – By Rebeca Puebla


Rebeca Puebla imaged what Rey from Star Wars would look like if she went to the Dark Side. This is what she came up and it is fantastic.

Well, after a long time without to do something in 3D, let me introduce you to my idea of a Rey Sith with some elements from the older movies and the traditional Jedi costume. This image is not new, I started it a lot of months ago but I could not work on it again until this last month. This time, there is no eroticism, or latex, or controversy, just a warrior, a woman warrior, dressed exactly like a man. I’m tired to see faces of hollow dolls, dressed with stupid armors and big weapons for showing just her BOOBS or ASS. Almost always the same boring thing over and over again.

Done with 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray and Hair and Fur, Zbrush and Photoshop, as usual.

Be sure to check out Rebeca’s other artwork here.

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