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Die Spy Kill Kill – Watch the trailer for the feature-length recut Bond, featuring all 6 actors!


I do love a good mashup and I a bit of Bond is always fun. Team Spyral have given themselves the task of recutting all the Bond films to make a feature-length movie.

The feature-length recut Bond, featuring all 6 actors in a Battle Royale duel to the bitter death using everything at their disposal.

This affectionate parody takes all six Bonds and gives them a mission to do, but waiting around every corner is a rival Bond ready to take them down. As you’d expect- battles, backstabbing and bond one-liners abound as all the Bonds constantly run into each other as they traverse the globe. Only one will emerge as the winner.

The trailer itself is a lot of fun and I look forward to watching the full feature.

Head over here to find out how to watch the film.

Die Spy Kill Kill – Announcement Trailer from Team Spyral on Vimeo.

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