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Millie Bobby Brown to play Sherlock Holmes’ little sister based on the Enola Holmes books


Millie Bobby Brown is all over the place thanks to her turn as Eleven in Stranger Things.

Legendary Entertainment has brought her onboard to star in and produce a feature film series based on Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes Mysteries novel series. Brown will produce through her PCMA Productions banner according to Deadline.

Enola Holmes is the 14-year-old sister of Sherlock and Mycroft.

On Enola’s fourteenth birthday, her mother disappears, and Sherlock and Mycroft, Enola’s brothers, conclude that her mother voluntarily left. Enola is devastated but eventually discovers elaborate ciphers her mother wrote, which lead her to conclude that she left to live with the Romani people and escape the confines of Victorian society. Enola finds that her mother left money to fund her escape. When Mycroft insists that Enola attend boarding school and learn to be a proper lady, she runs away to London instead. Throughout the series, Enola solves numerous missing persons cases, including a rescue of Dr. John Watson, while eluding her brothers’ efforts to recapture her.

The book series began with the 2006 title The Case of the Missing Marquess. The series spans six novels.

It sounds like quite an interesting project.

I’ve not yet read the books, but if you have, do you feel that Millie Bobby Brown is the right choice for the role?

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