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The World War Z video game gets a trailer


70,000 years at the top of the food chain…it was fun while it lasted.

The Max Brooks book World War Z is a favourite of mine. I also enjoyed the Brad Pitt movie and just looked at it as another chapter in the tale. There is now a video game heading our way and the first trailer debuted at The Game Awards last night.

Developed by Saber Interactive (Timeshift, Quake Champions, Timeshift), the game is a cooperative title withup to four players in unique survivor stories and missions around the globe, including New York, Moscow and Jerusalem. Use traps, barriers and the environment strategically to stay alive while unleashing a storm of firepower with a variety of weapons on the unrelenting hordes of the undead.

“World War Z is a name synonymous with heart-pounding fear and action, and we’re excited to finally capture that energy in a fast-paced and gruesome experience crafted specifically for modern consoles and PC,” said Saber Interactive CEO Matt Karch.

World War Z will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. There is no official release date, but it will probably be next year.

Check out the official Facebook Page.

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