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Crowdfund This – Frank & Zed: Puppet Monster Movie


Frank and Zed is an all hand-puppet movie. Apparently, this is the first all-puppet movie in 30 years. The planned feature is from writer/director Jesse Blanchard. The main

Centuries ago, a desperate battle left a village wasted, a new bride dead, and two mortal enemies dependent on each other for survival. Forgotten amongst the crumbling ruins, our two heroes have eked out a meagre existence, each responsible for feeding the other.

One fateful day, a villager trespasses into Frank’s hunting grounds. The resulting ‘harvest’ provides Zed with a full tummy and sets the entire town on a course of bloody retribution.

It sounds great and you can check out the trailer below.

However, you can get involved by heading over to their Kickstarter page. They have completed 90% of the film, but still have major elements to complete like the miniatures, score, and special effect insert shots.

If you like the sound of that then give them a hand to get it finished.

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