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Check out the trailer for Predator: 30th Anniversary


The hunt is back on: Twentieth Century Fox’s Predator is stalking onto big screens this November for a 30th-anniversary release that will see Arnie’s man vs. alien rumble in the jungle return to cinemas throughout international territories.

30 years ago! All of these movie anniversaries make me feel so old!

Dutch, Dillon and the rest of the squad are gearing up for another round of extraterrestrial extermination as cinemas celebrate the original Predator ahead of the 2018 arrival of Shane Black’s latest franchise instalment, The Predator. Fondly remembered 3 decades after its initial release thanks to an arsenal of quotable one-liners, its pleasingly old-school special effects and a Schwarzenegger performance deftly poised between wry self-awareness and testosterone-fuelled stoicism, Predator stands tall as the ultimate action movie machine; a muscle-bound, camo-clad, cigar-chomping romp that is at once quintessentially 80s and practically timeless.

Predator stomps back into cinemas this November.

We also went after the ending of the original film in episode 50 of the podcast I do with Mike Spring.

You can listen to it below.

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