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Sandro, John Malkovich and Eric Alexandrakis are bringing us Hell On Earth


Hell On Earth, the new digital album in a series of ongoing collaborations from avant-garde trio Sandro, John Malkovich and Eric Alexandrakis, will be released exclusively via iTunes on September 29, 2017.

Hot off of the heels of three critically acclaimed vinyl-only releases, and two additional film collaborations (both directed by Sandro, starring Malkovich, and scored by Alexandrakis), one of which was shortlisted at Cannes Lions earlier this year (Psychogenic Fugue), Hell On Earth (Mono Version) continues the trio’s tradition of creating art for art’s sake. The new album is mixed in mono, matching the project’s sentiment of how technology appears more than ever as the force that is dictating humanity’s path, creatively and socially.

“I think when you work with interesting people, and you make the collaboration about the work, interesting things result,” says acting legend Malkovich. He and Sandro are the tree to the trio’s branch, having a friendship and body of work that has spanned 22 years. “With the work I have done with John, especially the films, the viewer is meant to be left with something below the surface to contemplate”, says award-winning photographer/director. Adding in producer/composer Alexandrakis’ soundtrack approach to music, what is born is yet another unique multimedia experience in an almost Warholian manner.

Once again sparked by Sandro/Malkovich photo & film collaborations, and philosophical conversations the three have had on “life”, Hell On Earth is a continuation of the group’s interest in thought-provoking content. This time, Aristotle is put to the test after technology and apathy have destroyed humanity, leaving only the synthetic to contemplate humanity’s questions. “I’ve always said that if 100,000 people were in a field during an alien attack overhead, every dead body in the field would be found with a phone in its hand,” says Alexandrakis. “Are we controlling tech, or is it controlling us? All too often, thinking becomes the after, after-thought.”

With releases described as “…an exercise of musical intelligentsia, a blend of philosophy and electronica that aims to be more than novelty” [Spectrum Culture], all of the trio’s releases feature theatrical genius Malkovich, wrapped in photographer/director Sandro’s unique fine-art imagery, and sonically welded together via producer/composer Alexandrakis.

Other recent happenings include screenings of Hell [an award-winning short film version of the previous “Allegory” based project], additional worldwide showings of Sandro and Malkovich’s photo collaboration Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage To Photographic Masters, and shortlisting at Cannes Lions of Psychogenic Fugue – a tribute to the works of David Lynch – benefitting the David Lynch Foundation.

Hell On Earth [Mono Version] track listing:

1. “Revelation”
2. “Inferno”
3. “Purification & Regenesis”
4. “Awakening”
5. “Skepsis 1 [Migration]”
6. “Skepsis 2 [The Order Of The Universe]”
7. “Skepsis 3 [The Disorder Of The Universe]”
8. “Skepsis 4 [Entropy]”
9. “Repurification”
10. “Electrorganic [The Beginning]”

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