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In Another Life – Watch the trailer for new refugee film by Jason Wingard


Our once beautiful homeland had become uninhabitable. Too dangerous to walk the streets, drive a car, visit friends. Many had already left Syria. Risking their lives on the open water. Giving all we had to the ruthless, the opportunists who trade in the currency of human misery. We all spent what little money we had to reach anywhere, a safe place, a new life away from the bloodshed, the bombing, the murder. With no safe passage what choice did we have. Europe was meant to offer us hope. Yet the borders closed one by one. We gave up everything, left all we had behind. Living on hand outs, with no shelter, no money and now no hope. I am here, trapped in Calais Jungle. I don’t know where my wife is. The police treat us like animals. They beat us and spray us with teargas everyday. We cannot move forward, we cannot go back. We have to get out of here. I look into the eyes on this camp and I can see it. The blank emptiness of desperation.In another life I was a teacher. Now I’m a refugee. My name is Adnan.

Written and directed by Jason Wingard, the film stars Elie Haddad, Yousef Hayyan Jubeh, Binyam Biruk Theshome and Toyah Frantzen.

The film will debut at the Raindance Film Festival on 26th September.

InAnotherLife_new trailer from Jason Wingard on Vimeo.

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