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The Captain Marvel movie will be set in the 90s and feature Skrulls


Brie Larson is playing Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel for the new film and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gave some more details about the film at San Diego Comic-Con.

Samuel L. Jackson will be in it as Nick Fury and he will have both eyes for this one because the film is set in the early 1990s. Feige also confirmed that the shapeshifting Skrulls will be bad guys for this one.

I had thought the Skrulls were tied up with the Fantastic Four, but great to know that they will be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, if Captain Marvel was around in the 90s where has she been during the events of all the other Marvel movies?

I wonder whether we will see Carol Danvers interacting with a young Tony Stark or a young Star-Lord?

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will be behind the camera. The duo directed Mississippi Grind and Half Nelson.

Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman are writing the script, which follows Carol Danvers, an air force pilot whose DNA is fused with that of an alien during an accident. The resulting alteration imbues her with the super powers of strength, energy project and flight.

Kevin Feige is producing the film.

You can also check out some concept art below.

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