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Holy Batmobile sculpture, Batman!


Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!

We sadly lost the legend that was Adam West last month, but this beautiful sculpture features his iconic turn as Batman.

A limited-edition handpainted sculpture of the classic 1960s Batmobile, has working headlights and tail-lights. It also plays the Batman TV theme song.

The piece is available over at the Bradford Exchange and they begin shipping it this December. However, due to licensing restrictions they are unable to have this item delivered to the UK and this is only available in the USA.

Thanks to Andy Wheeler for that bit of news.

Via TheAwesomer

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One Comment

  1. This product began shipping in December after at least six months’ premarketing. The actual item is a sorely disappointing “sculpture” that bears no relation to the striking pre-order art shown in this post. A soft, flabby casting with too many imperfections to count. Sloppy painting, glue smudges everywhere, primitive detail, crude joints and seams. wheels don’t turn. A door that looks like to ought to open, doesn’t — it’s been jammed/glued shut. If you saw this Batmobile in a Hong Kong junk-toy emporium you’d expect to pay $10 to $15. Bradford Exchange charges $100 plus tax and shipping… an absurdly high price for the poor-quality product.

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