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Deep Blue Sea 2 is currently in production


I do enjoy Deep Blue Sea. Giant, super intelligent sharks versus Thomas Jane, LL Cool J, Samuel L Jackson and Saffron Burrows. Plus Stellan Skarsgård has the worst day ever!

Sure, it is silly and over the top, but sometimes you just want that in a movie. We talked about what we thought could happen in a sequel during an episode of After The Ending podcast I do with Mike Spring (you can listen to that below), but it seems there is an actual new film heading our way.

This one is going to be heading to Syfy so don’t expect Thomas Jane or the other survivors to be returning. However, in this day and age you never know.

The new film follows Dr. Klaus Van Etten as he experiments on bull sharks, despite the warnings of the marine expert Misty and her fellow biologists. The altered sharks get loose of their containments, and disaster ensues.

It does sound a lot like the original film, but with a different type of shark. It is currently filming in Cape Town. Michael Beach (Aquaman) is starring in the film, which is being directed by Darin Scott (Tales From The Hood).

I am not expecting great things, but as long as there are a few decent shark attack scenes then I will give it a watch.

Via Bloody Disgusting

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