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The Emoji Movie – From your Smartphone Display to the Big Screen


In an industry where 3D computer animation has proven to be a massive hit with both children and adults alike, this summer sees the release of perhaps one of the most eye-opening efforts in recent years.

The Emoji Movie centres around the story of Gene, a multi-expressional emoji who embarks on a journey to simply become a regular “meh” emoji just like his parents. The fact that most regular smartphone and social media users will have understood those last few lines perfectly well is a testament to how big of a part emojis currently play in our life.

With a brief teaser trailer having already been released, featuring a “poop” emoji voiced by the unmistakable Patrick Stewart, the recently debuted full length trailer has given fans more of a window into the plot of the film as well as a chance to experience the voices of a star-studded cast which includes Anna Faris, James Corden, and Steven Wright.

Source: The Emoji Movie via Facebook

Despite their rise in significance being fairly recent, emojis have existed since around 1999 and it was only with the introduction of the 2012 Apple iOS6 update that people started to take note. Fast forward 5 years and Search Engine Journal estimates a whopping 6 billion emojis are sent every day. In 2013, the word itself was added to the Oxford English Dictionary and July 16th 2016 was set aside and proclaimed as ‘World Emoji Day’, once again hammering home the significance of the internet and magnifying the effect that pop culture currently has on our every day lives.

With the average person now busier than they ever have been and with most having to balance family, work, and social life in equal measure, emojis are perfect for someone with plenty to say but without the time to say it. Moreover, Emojipedia estimates that there are currently around 1851 emojis ready to be deployed at the touch of a button, ensuring that there’s an emoji for virtually every situation and circumstance. Emojis are a fun, innocent way to convey emotion and bring a feel-good factor to every message you send and, with the emergence of The Emoji Movie, they’re certainly here to stay for the foreseeable future.

As is often the case with current trends, forward-thinking companies seized their chance to remain relevant and set about incorporating emojis into their advertising campaigns.

For example, iGaming firm Vegas Casino has a specialist slot machine dedicated to the rise and popularity of emojis – Slotomoji. A 5-reel, 10 payline game, Slotmoji lets players interact with all their favourite every day emojis, like “laughing out loud” and “crying”. The website, which operates entirely in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, gives players the option to try it out on a desktop computer or from a mobile device. Similarly, Budweiser and Taco Bell all ran thought provoking marketing campaigns which involved the use of emojis in some way, with the latter actually launching a successful online petition for the creation of a taco emoji.

If one delves deep enough, the meteoric rise of emojis and the fact that they’ve found their way onto the big screen shouldn’t surprise people. The New Yorker ran a cover in 2016 entitled “Clinton’s emoji” and featured emojis of Hilary Clinton mimicking and mirroring real life pictures of the presidential hopeful so a cinema debut only seems like a natural progression after featuring on the cover of one of the world’s most widely read magazines.

Love them or loathe them, the world of emojis is rapidly evolving and expanding so sit tight, buckle up and escort your “poop” emoji plush into the cinema to see The Emoji Movie, set to open on Friday 28th July in the US and hit U.K. cinemas on 4th August.

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