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Spider-Man’s Tom Holland is playing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie


Well, this is a turn up for the books. As they did with the Tomb Raider video games and new movie, it looks like we are getting a younger version of Nathan Drake for the Uncharted movie.

Deadline are reporting that Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming) is going to be playing Drake in the Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Night at the Museum) directed movie.

Uncharted has had a long journey to the big screen – David O. Russell was set to direct the film back in 2010. He wanted Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci were also rumoured to be in the film. It all ended up falling apart and it didn’t help that Russell didn’t seem to know what Uncharted was all about.

Joe Carnahan had written the latest version of the script and had said it was an Anti-Indiana Jones movie.

However, it is not clear how much of that will be in it. The new film is getting rewritten to be a prequel to the treasure hunting action story line in the Naughty Dog video game for PlayStation. It will take its inspiration from a sequence in the third iteration of the video game that focused on the young thief Drake, and his first encounter with the professional rogue, Sullivan.

Fair enough, but is that what fans of the game want? I do like the games and did like that sequence, but only for part of it. I much preferred the main story-lines with the experienced Drake going on adventures. Don’t get me wrong, I think Holland is a great actor, I just don’t feel that this is the way for them to go with the adaptation.

I can see what Sony Pictures would do this. If the film is a success then they’ve got a young Holland who can star in future films without them having to recast, but I don’t know. All depends on what they do with the script.

How do you feel about Tom Holland playing Nathan Drake?

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