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Crowdfund This: Mad World – A documentary dissecting common misunderstandings of mental health


Following a deep investigation into the diverse attitudes that surround mental illness, Luke Mordue (clinically diagnosed with a mild form of Bipolar Disorder) attempts to dissect some of the most common misunderstandings in modern society. With individuals sharing their personal experiences and health professionals providing insight into some of the most complex conditions, the darkest corners of mental illness are explored.

With the intention to truly decipher fact from fiction, the questions are asked – Are we being over-diagnosed? Is mental illness as common as we’ve been led to believe? How easily can mental illness be faked? Are we pawns in a multi-million corporation? Or is this well and truly just a mad world?

If you like the sound of this, then head on over to their IndieGoGo page and help them out.

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  1. This film is now in post production! You can keep up to date on it’s progress and upcoming trailer release by visiting

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