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Mondo is bringing us The Fifth Element soundtrack on vinyl


Mondo is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Luc Besson’s cult classic The Fifth Element, with a re-issue of the soundtrack, available for the first time on vinyl.

It features beautiful artwork by Shan Jiang.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT is essential science fiction cinema. Dystopian in concept, but optimistic in message, Luc Besson gracefully threads the needle of making an epic film that’s equal parts action adventure, bubble-gum camp, and passionate plea for love above all things.

Composed by Eric Serra (LA FEMME NIKITA, GOLDENEYE, LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL), the music for the film goes above and beyond the duties of your average film score. Not only is the soundtrack responsible for carrying the wildly vast tonal spectrum – name another film that bounces sonically from comedic montage, to straight-faced Opera to action adventure in the span of 15 minutes – but he makes it feel, and sound effortless. It is a truly unique listening experience.

It will go on sale at Mondo from noon (CST) on 15th May 2017.

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