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Giant ants attack! Watch the trailer for It Came From The Desert


Them! is one of my favourite monster movies from yester-year. I do love giant insects in movies. I also like them in video games and so I was a fan of the 1989 video game, It Came From The Desert, by Cinemaware.

This was based on the old B movies and it has in turn inspired this new adaptation, which is being touted as a motocross action film with giant ants.

Finland’s Roger! Pictures teamed up with Cinemaware to make the film, which is directed by Marko Mäkilaakso. It stars Mark Arnold, Harry Lister Smith, Vanessa Grasse and Claudia Trujillo.

Raven Banner Entertainment shared the first trailer. It’s a shame they didn’t do a full adaptation of the game, but it does look like it will be a bit of B movie fun…..with some dodgy CGI!

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