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Dwayne Johnson could debut as Black Adam in Man of Steel 2


Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill

It is an interesting quirk that the anticipation for upcoming superhero films often revolves around the identity of the main antagonist. The planned sequel to Man of Steel, although not immediately round the corner, is no different; recent rumours have surfaced suggesting that it will be Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam who will confront Superman. Fans of comic book movies are already salivating at the prospect of The Rock colliding with the Man of Steel.

There is no concrete evidence yet that this will come to fruition, but it is certainly not an implausible rumour. Johnson has long been lined up to fill the role of Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, albeit with his introduction expected to come in Shazam. Shazam is a DC hero with as rich a history as Superman and Batman but yet to find a home in the Extended Universe. However, the creation of this film seems to have stalled beyond the suggestion of Johnson as Shazam’s nemesis, Black Adam.

It was as far back as 2014 that Johnson’s involvement in the DC Universe was announced, so it would be no shock if bosses have searched for an alternative way to deploy a man currently in a prolific phase of his acting career. Johnson has suggested that a massive surprise has been prepared for the Black Adam character, prompting the rumour that he will be included in the Man of Steel sequel. Black Adam has the abilities to pose a terrible threat to Superman, with essentially every attribute a nefarious villain could dream of at his disposal. With his speed, strength and immortality, it is no wonder that Johnson is so excited to take up the Black Adam mantle.

Superman has been challenged by legendary enemies General Zod and Lex Luthor in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice respectively, so a leftfield villain would be a refreshing move from DC. With Superman expected to return in the upcoming Justice League movie in some capacity, it is a rewarding time for fans of the Man of Steel with the character set to be a mainstay of cinemas over the next few years.

Superman is such an iconic character that he is never too far removed from popular consciousness. In the Arrowverse, the world of DC’s TV shows, fans were recently rewarded with a blatant reference to Brandon Routh‘s past as a movie Superman when his character Ray Palmer met with Supergirl. The Arrowverse and its version of its characters will never cross over with the film universe, so fans will not get to see Routh flabbergasted by a meeting with incumbent Superman Henry Cavill. In the recent The Lego Batman MovieChanning Tatum reprised his role as the animated Lego-Man of Steel in a film jam-packed with references to DC characters.

It is not just on the screen that Superman has powered his way into pop culture. In the world of gaming, Superman will battle against supervillain Brainiac in upcoming video game Injustice 2. The fighting game is set to hit consoles in May 2017, and will also give players the chance to play as Black Adam before Dwayne Johnson does. Superman has also flown into the realm of slot games, where Sun Bingo recently introduced a Man of Steel game into their collection. With new bingo games beginning every minute, players will not have to wait around in the same way that Superman fans are waiting for the sequel to Man of Steel.

It will be interesting to see what sort of Superman the world will be getting in Man of Steel 2. The events of Batman v Superman will have given Kal-El much to ponder, and he may well require the support of members of the Justice League to save the world. With Matthew Vaughn cited to direct the sequel, Superman fans could be in for a different take on the hero. Vaughn has previously directed intense yet humorous action films Kick-Ass and Kingsman, so a lighter tone than Man of Steel would not be unexpected.

Cavill and Johnson have already posed for photos together on social media with the hashtag #DCWorldsWillCollide, a teasing indication that the two are set to collaborate in a film that may or may not be Man of Steel 2. With Shazam looking increasingly unlikely to hit cinema screens in the next few years, it would not be surprising if DC look to take advantage of Johnson’s current superstar status, boosted by his roles in The Fate of the Furious and Baywatch, by pitting him against their most iconic hero.

Whether or not it is Johnson’s Black Adam that provides the danger in Man of Steel 2, it looks likely that Superman will be confronted by this particular enemy at some point. It is not clear in which film this titanic battle will occur, but if the whispers of Johnson’s involvement in Man of Steel 2 become louder then fans will have cause for excitement.

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