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Watch the launch trailer for Friday the 13th: The Game


Gun Media and IllFonic have announced that Friday the 13th: The Game will launch on May 26th, 2017!

For the first time since 1989, you have the opportunity to finally be Jason Voorhees! Stalk camp counselors across Crystal Lake as Jason Voorhees, or assume the role of a helpless camper and attempt to survive the night.

The entire focus of Friday the 13th: The Game is multiplayer. Survival is entirely up to you as you either stealthily hide from Jason or work together as a team to escape. Think you can take Jason on? You and the other counselors will have that chance as well. Be warned though, nothing is ever certain and no one is ever safe!

The game will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam as a digital download for $40USD.

Kane Hodder performed the motion capture for Jason, Harry Manfredini provided the music, and Tom Savini designed a Hellfire Jason Voorhees which images what Jason looked like after escaping from Hell.

Watch the very gory launch trailer below.

Check out the Facebook Page.

Hellfire Jason

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