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Hugh Jackman is set to play Enzo Ferrari in new biopic


A biopic about Enzo Ferrari has been in the works since 2008. At one point Christian Bale was attached, but he dropped out. However, it appears that things are now moving ahead as Hugh Jackman (Logan) is set to star as Enzo.

Ferrari is the film Michael Mann started with the late director Sydney Pollack almost 17 years ago. Mann also wrote the screenplay.

The film takes place in 1957, a year where passion, failure, success and death and life all collided in Ferrari’s battle for supremacy against rival Maserati.

Noomi Rapace is set to play Enzo’s wife, Linda.

The plan is to begin filming in the summer of 2018.

The last time Enzo Ferrari was portrayed in a movie was in 2013 and he was played by Augusto Dall’ara in Rush. This also won’t be last the time.

Robert De Niro will play Ferrari in a film looking at his life. It will document the time period between the 1940’s to his in death in the late 80s.

Via Deadline

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