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The Fly is getting another remake


Okay, just stop! Before you go why are Hollywood doing another remake, can they think of nothing original, it’s just stupid, I want you to stop.

Before I go any further I will remind you that David Cronenberg’s excellent 1986 version of The Fly, was a remake of Fox’s 1958 adaptation (see the pic above) that starred David Hedison, Patricia Owens and Vincent Price. Therefore, we have actual proof that remakes can work and be good films.

The 1958 film also had two sequels 1959’s Return of the Fly and 1965’s Curse of the Fly. Cronenberg’s film also had a sequel, The Fly II, in 1989. That was directed by Chris Walas. I like all of the films, some are obviously better than others, but I do enjoy a bit of body transformation horror.

I just wanted to get that out the way as I know some of you will be flipping tables, shouting, or going “tut!” at this news.

J.D. Dillard (Sleight which is in cinemas in April) negotiations to direct and co-write a new version of The Fly for Fox. He would write the script with Alex Theurer.

Weird to think that there were 28 years between the original film version and Cronenberg’s remake, whereas we are 31 years away from that one!

Of course, whoever plays the main character in the new film has got to go up against Jeff Goldblum’s brilliant work in the 1986 film, but I am quite happy to see how this all develops. If it turns out great we have another cool horror movie. If it is not so good, we have all the other Fly movies to rewatch so everyone is a winner!

They could go a few different ways if they wanted to change up from the previous movies. Have a group of people changed by teleportation accident, or have some kind of new vaccine or disease start changing huge amounts of the population into Fly people.

What would you like to see in this new version of The Fly?

Source: Deadline

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