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Judge Dredd is heading to Liverpool for a John Higgins art show


Beyond Dredd & Watchmen: The Art of John Higgins
is the first major retrospective of the work of Liverpool-born artist John Higgins, who found global success as a comic book artist and writer for 2000AD, DC and Marvel.

This will be a glimpse into the extraordinary imagination of John Higgins – an output which crosses the boundaries between comics, graphic novels, cinema, television, advertising and music.

After getting his first comic book art published in Brainstorm in 1975, he drew the cover for 2000 AD No. 43 in 1977 and decided to go freelance in 1978, with an eye on becoming a comic artist. In 1981 he started getting regular work at 2000 AD, one of his early projects being the art for a Tharg’s Future Shocks by Alan Moore, as well as doing covers for Marvel UK.

After this he worked steadily at 2000 AD and joined the British Invasion in the mid-eighties, notably doing the colouring on Moore’s Watchmen and Batman: The Killing Joke a job he got through colouring Steve Dillon’s art on Moore’s ABC Warriors story. This led to more work in the American market, although he has kept working on British titles too especially with Judge Dredd over 20 years.

John Higgins said, “I want the exhibition to show young artists and writers that anything is possible, that you can have a career in comics and SF illustration, and that aliens, zombies and fantastic worlds can be made real, you just need imagination.

“To have an exhibition in my home town at the University’s Victoria Gallery & Museum is an honour beyond my wildest imaginings and if you want to see how far my wildest imaginings can go, come to the exhibition.”

Higgins’ original art will be displayed alongside examples of the work of the artists and science fiction classics that inspired him.

The show is on at the Victoria Gallery & Museum in Liverpool. It runs from 10th March to October 2017.

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