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Matt Reeves is officially directing The Batman, while DC have plans for a Nightwing movie


Warner Bros. has now officially announced Matt Reeves will direct and produce The Batman. There had been lots of will he won’t he type stories about this, but now it appears it has all been finalised. Ben Affleck took to Instagram to welcome Reeves to the Batcave.

“We are thrilled to have Matt Reeves taking the helm of Batman, the crown jewel of our DC slate,” said Toby Emmerich, President and Chief Content Officer, Warner Bros. Pictures Group. “Matt’s deep roots in genre films and his evolution into an emotional world-building director make him the perfect filmmaker to guide the Dark Knight through this next journey.”

In The Batman, Ben Affleck will take on Joe Manganiello (Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke).

Reeves added, “I have loved the Batman story since I was a child. He is such an iconic and compelling character, and one that resonates with me deeply. I am incredibly honored and excited to be working with Warner Bros. to bring an epic and emotional new take on the Caped Crusader to the big screen.”

I am glad it is all sorted out, but I have a feeling there may well be other changes as we move closer to production.

Welcome to the Batcave, ‪Matt Reeves

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However, DC and Warner Bros. are also moving ahead with a Nightwing live action movie. THR are reporting that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay will be at the helm. The Judge and The Accountant screenwriter Bill Dubuque will write the script.

In the pages of DC Comics, Dick Grayson spent many years as Batman’s protege and sidekick, Robin, but eventually went off on his own and assumed the mantle of the hero Nightwing.

While I do love the character of Nightwing, I do feel that DC and Warner Bros. are once again rushing ahead when they should be taking their time. We are already getting a full on Justice League movie in November, when I still feel they should have set up some of the other characters in solo movies first.

Now they are rushing through the evolution of the Bat-family by going straight to Nightwing instead of having Robin. However, we did know they would end up painting themselves into a corner by going with the older Batman who has been around for years.

Fingers crossed it is a good story as the character deserves a decent take on the big screen. Who should play Nightwing?

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