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Doctor Who – Vote for who you would like as the next Doctor


With the news that Peter Capaldi (and Steven Moffat) are leaving Doctor Who at the end of the next series, there has been lots of talk about who could be the next Doctor. Will it be an actor or actress this time round?

Of course, the biggest question this time round is will they finally be ginger?

Who knows!

As long as they can act and they get some great storylines then I don’t care. I felt Capaldi was a great Doctor, but just didn’t get the brilliant storylines he should have had.

Therefore, I put it to you – who should be the next Doctor?

So take you pick from our ridiculously big Doctor Who poll. Obviously some of these just wouldn’t be able to do it due to scheduling issues and the like, but if you could pick any of these which one would it be?

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  1. None of the above… Robson Green for Dr Who..has my vote..

  2. Or Jerome Flynn would get my Dr Who vote

  3. Bertie Carvel. Jonathan Strange was a dress rehearsal

  4. Can I suggest a woman? #LucyLawless

  5. Richard Ayoade

  6. Ben Whishaw!!!!!!

  7. Richard Armitage

  8. Richard Coyle
    James Nesbitt
    Jack Davenport

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