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A24 have released a mysterious trailer. Could it be for Annihilation or something else?


A24 is the studio that brought us Ex Machina, The Witch, Green Room, American Honey, The Lobster, Free Fire and Moonlight. Lots of great films from the independent studio.

They’ve now released this new teaser for a film and it is simply marked as Untitled. I doub’t that is the name of the film so it is all a bit of a mystery.

What is it all about? Did you spot any clues in the teaser?

UPDATE: As Harris Dang over on Twitter reminded me, it could be for Alex Garland’s adaptation of Annihilation. You can see some set images and details of that film here.

If it is Annihilation the images in the trailer do seem different to what I remember from Jeff VanderMeer’s novel.

Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. No, that’s not Annihilation.

    • Any thoughts on what it could be? I’m drawing a blank

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