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Constantine will return as an animated show


Great news for fans of John Constantine. He is returning for a short animated series on CW Seed. Even better is the news that Matt Ryan is once again going to be providing the voice.

Matt did a brilliant job as Constantine in the sadly cancelled live action NBC TV show (why did so many of you not watch it? I wanted six seasons and a movie). Then he popped up in an episode of Arrow. I would have liked to have seen him show up in a few more of The CW TV shows. I could see him doing great things in a few episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, or have him be the reason for a crossover in all of The CW DC shows and then brings us an all new live action Constantine series. Well, I can dream.

We will hear him as the John in the Justice League Dark animated movie, before he returns in 2018 for Constantine animated series on CW Seed. The show will consist of five to six 10-minute episodes.

The thing about these CW Seed shows is that they do link in with the live action shows on The CW. Arrow and The Flash both appeared in the animated Vixen series. She then turned up in an episode of Arrow.

It will be interesting to see what they do with Constantine. Will it follow on from the events of the NBC show?

Source: Twitter

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