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Watch the International Trailer for Justice League Dark


Matt Ryan was fantastic as John Constantine. However, the Constantine TV show only got one season. He did turn up in the last season of Arrow, but it seemed that could be the last we saw of Matt as John.

He is returning to the character once more as he is voicing him in the Justice League Dark animated movie.

Batman assembles a League of mystic heroes – the likes of Swamp Thing, the Demon, and Constantine – to help defeat this magical, otherworldly threat.

Ryan is joined by Jason O’Mara as the voice of Batman, Camilla Luddington voices Zatanna, Nicholas Turturro is Deadman and Ray Chase voices Etrigan.  Jerry O’Connell is Superman, and Rosario Dawson is Wonder Woman. The film also features Jeremy Davis (Justified) as the voice of Ritchie, Enrico Colantoni (Galaxy Quest) as the voice of Felix Faust, Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2) as the voice of Destiny, and Roger R. Cross (Arrow) as the voice of Swamp Thing & John Stewart.

The film also went through some changes. Put together by Guillermo del Toro, it was going to be a live action film that would see the magical side of the DC universe on the big screen – it was set to feature the likes of Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and more.

Time passed and Guillermo had to leave the project. Then it got cancelled, but then reborn as this animated feature, and then on again as Dark Universe. 

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