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Crowdfund This: Blood Machines – Turbo Killer 2


Inspired by the spirit of the 80s, Blood Machines is a 30-minute science fiction short film written and directed by Seth Ickerman, featuring music by synthwave artist Carpenter Brut. Blood Machines follows the music video Turbo Killer, their first collaboration.

Two hunters are tracking a machine that tries to emancipate itself. After defeating it, they witness a mystical phenomenon: the specter of a young woman tears from the carcass of the ship as if it had a soul. Seeking to understand the nature of this spectrum, they begin a chase with it through space.

This looks very cool and it will be interesting to see what they do for the full short.

Here is what Ickerman had to say about the project:

We love clips from the 80’s – thanks to artists such as Michael Jackson – who find it hard to delight in today’s clips, which tend to be formatted promotional tools. naturally collaborated to produce the video that we wanted to see: Turbo Killer . Small piece of a larger project, Turbo Killer lays the foundation for a world that Blood machines continue to explore.

Blood machines will be more ambitious than our first collaboration with Carpenter Brut. For Turbo Killer we followed a rather classic clip structure. For Blood Machines, we would like to get closer to a cinematographic narrative, and build a structured film around musical sections. In a format and genre mix inspired by several science fiction and horror films of the 80s, Blood Machines will be more dense. We want to bring the widest possible audience into a world of adventures, superb images and musical action scenes. And, in this, to offer a real spectacle!

Check out the official site.

They have already hit their target, but you can still check out the Kickstarter campaign.

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