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Watch the first episode of Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest



Mark Hamill (some guy who played a dude from a little known sci-fi series) has been collecting comic books, original artwork, toys and other mementos since the early 1970s and now he gets to share his passion and enthusiasm for collecting in his new web series!

Always great to hear Hamill do the voice of The Joker. It is also very cool to see the alternate ending for Batman: A Death in the Family.

The series kicks off at the DC Comics headquarters with the legendary Jim Lee, as the co-publisher and Mark trade favors and end up with their very own pieces of pop culture history. Join Mark throughout the season as Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest uncovers comic book memorabilia, film props, Godzilla, pinball machines and beyond with special guests including monster amasser Scott Zillner, famous collector Bob Burns and many more!

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