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Yul Brynner was in the latest episode of Westworld



As you will no doubt know, HBO’s Westworld is great TV. I am enjoying it thoroughly. The fact I also love the original film meant I was a little worried about what they would do with the show. Turns out my only worry is when will all of my questions be answered?

There have been some links with the original film – Delos is mentioned many times, talk of the original Hosts being more robotic on the inside, etc – but nothing to explicitly tie it all together.

Episode 6 may have changed that, or at least had a lovely little nod to the original in a blink-and-you-could-miss-it appearance by Yul Brynner, the Gunslinger from the 1973 film.

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You see him in the background when Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) goes to another sub-basement to investigate events in the park.

Here is a screenshot:


Turns out it is the Yul Brynner statue made by the very talented Nick Marra, who shared this behind the scenes image:

I took this shot of my Yul Brynner on set at he LA Times building in downtown LA for tonight's episode of Westworld .

I took this shot of my Yul Brynner on set at he LA Times building in downtown LA for tonight’s episode of Westworld .

Go check out more of Nick’s work as it is incredible.

Does this mean Yul Brynner’s Gunslinger will be stalking the hallways of Westworld once more? Probably not, but it was great to see him all the same.

What are your thoughts on Westworld? Which one of the humans is actually a Host, but doesn’t realise it? Is Bernard actually Arnold or a Host that had Arnold’s memories at some point? Are we really seeing scenes from different times of the park? Is William the Man in Black?

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  1. That model has all the menacing presence of the original character. Really nice Easter egg. I can’t wait to watch this episode tomorrow.

    • Yeah, they’ve really thought things through with references to the original film.

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