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VR Storm arrives on Steam


Whether virtual reality becomes an established medium in its own right remains to be seen but the uncertainty is not stopping technology giants like Facebook to indie developers from venturing into the new frontier.  Anrick Bregman falls into the latter category with an episodic game called Storm that places the viewer in the middle of an intense snowstorm where death is only moments away.


“I was inspired by real, yet extreme situations,” remarked Bergman in a press release for the game voiced by L.A. based actor Tommie Earl Jenkins and featuring teleportation, weather dynamics, hand animations, and object colliders.   “And the visual beauty of extreme environments, like a snow-storm for example. That’s where the idea came from, an aesthetically beautiful but deadly experience where your body is pushed to the extreme.”


The first of five survival levels built in Unreal Engine is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift using Touch in Early Access on Steam for £1.99.  Future installments of Storm will be taking place in a sandstorm, jungle and city.

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