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Escape from New York with this very cool Smartwatch



I saw John Carpenter play live last week and now there is this thing of beauty. A Kickstarter Campaign for a Smartwatch based on Snake Plissken’s (Kurt Russell) Countdown timer from Escape From New York. Everything is coming up Carpenter!

It is called the Lifeclock One and here is what the creator of the watch, Jonathan Zufi, had to say about it.

Two years ago, after watching a rerun of the movie Escape from New York on late night cable, we decided to reboot Snake Plissken/Kurt Russell’s countdown wrist timer from John Carpenter’s 1981 classic cult movie – and add a few upgrades . The Lifeclock One is an officially licensed reproduction of the original prop, but rebooted as a modern wearable.

The Lifeclock One combines a retro chic look with modern capabilities making it a unique and fashionable high tech statement. Not only is it a full featured watch (timepiece, stopwatch, countdown timer, date, etc.) but it also comes packed with all sorts of smartwatch functions. Sync it with your iOS or Android device and you can receive call, text and push notifications from your favorite apps, and much more.

I think it looks fantastic and looks just the thing to wear when out saving the President.

If you like the look of it then head on over to the Kickstarter and help them out.

Thanks to Windust for letting me know about it.




Here are a couple of images from the film.



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