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The Hades Pit – Lazarus: Watch the trailer for new indie sci-fi



The Hades Project. Experiments by scientists working on extra-dimensional travel, who carry out tests on live subjects in order to create the perfect human vessel capable of surviving the journey from our world into another. Of the major trial subjects they have had, Lazarus 5 has been the most successful candidate. He is sent to the dungeons of the hades pit deep underground, where he can be monitored after a series of incidents make him a liability to the programme.
When a recent abductee, a young woman, is sent down to the pit by accident, Lazarus 5 decides to take this opportunity to escape.

Starring Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Stephanie Sheh and Brina Palencia, The Hades Pit is written and directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo.

Tony explained how the project came about.

I was on set doing post work for a feature film, when I got this idea. I wanted to make a female led sci-fi fantasy film that was inspired by video games, specifically Nintendo’s Metroid. An adaptation of a non-existent franchise if you will. One of the actors on the film, famous for being a student at a certain school of magic, encouraged me to write it. And I did… in 5 days! Not because writing is easy, but because I had a very very clear idea in my head for this particular film.

The Hades Pit – Lazarus : Teaser from Tony Stark on Vimeo.

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