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It looks like the Rambo reboot is going ahead



It has been off and on over the years, but it seems that a new Rambo film is heading our way.

Nu Image/Millennium Films is behind the reboot of the Rambo films that starred Sylvester Stallone. The new film is being called Rambo: New Blood and Brooks McLaren is writing the script and Ariel Vromen (The Iceman, Criminal) is set to direct.

Stallone is not going to be in the new film and a younger actor will be playing Rambo. The studio are treating the character like James Bond.

No plot details were given for the new film as the project is still in early development. Rambo was the lead character in a 1972 novel by David Morrell titled First Blood, and the 1982 film adaptation of it was a classic. Then subsequent Rambo movies moved away from the disaffected Vietnam War vets and went all out action, although 2008’s Rambo was a step up from Rambo III.

Is there room for a new Rambo in this day and age? Who could you see playing him?

Source: THR

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