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Director Tim Miller leaves Deadpool 2 over creative differences



It looks like Deadpool director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds have not been able to sort out what is going to be happening in Deadpool 2, which has led to Miller leaving the project. He hadn’t formally signed a deal to continue, but he was developing the script and by all accounts had planned to return behind the camera for a film Fox will release in 2018.

According to Deadline, the exit was over mutual creative differences, but it all ended amicably and it is thought the studio are still big fans of him. It is thought the filmmaker will jump right into another big Fox project: Influx, an adaptation of the Daniel Suarez novel that has a Mark Bomback script and is expected to launch a film trilogy.

It’s a shame that Miller is leaving Deadpool as he managed to use the small budget and make a film that looked a lot more expensive.

Deadpool grossed $782 million worldwide on a $58 million budget and broke many box office records, including highest grossing R-rated film ever, as well as the biggest grossing X-Men film.

However, I look forward to his next project.

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